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The Event Roamer™️ System

The Event Roamer™️ System

The Event Roamer™️ is the most versatile Professional Roaming Photobooth System currently on the market!

Built with the professional in mind!.......When you purchase The Event Roamer™️ , you are not simply getting a photobooth roamer. You are getting system that is capable of the perfect blend of photobooth fun, event photography and videography....all in one VERY compact cordless powered unit that is versatile, and adaptable to almost any event situation!

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          What's Included with my purchase?

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Do you offer training if we have never done a roaming photobooth before, or are not familiar with using a mirrorless camera? 

          • Absolutely! All purchasers of The Event Roamer System will receive access to a private owners group on Facebook where all your questions can be answered and LIVE training is planned.

          Will it accept any Mirrorless camera?

          • NO ...The Event Roamer™️ was built specifically for the smaller form factor cameras like the new Canon R100 & R50 cameras.

          • The R100 is our recommended all around camera for use with our roamer.

          Can you rotate the camera for portrait/vertical shooting?

          • YES, But only with the PRO & Elite Configuration
          • In the LITE configuration you simple shoot horizontal verticals using the center portion of your camera sensor....this is also the recommended way to shoot verticals if you do not have to deliver full frame files after the event.

          How effective is the pop-up flash in combination with photobooth software?

          • Amazingly effective and what we use 99% of the time at our events! All of the event image samples on this page are using only the pop-up flash, except the one group picture. We always get lots of amazing comments on the quality of the images!

          • The sample group picture is the only one that the pop-up was not used. It was taken using a tiny speedlight flash that fits in the palm of your hand!

          I do a lot of video and boomerangs....can I mount additional LED video light?

          • YES, you can mount an LED light and shoot with the pop-up flash at the same time.

          How is the Camera, LED's and iPad powered/charged?

          • The camera and LED's are powered by an NPF-970 swappable Battery mounted to the back of the unit. ( Not Included ) 

          • The iPad is charged/powered by a 100W USB-C Power Pack ( Only Included with PRO & ELITE ) which only needs to be mounted when the iPad needs to be charged.

          How long will the Camera and LEDs run on one NPF-970 battery?

          • Easily 4 Hours, these batteries are also very inexpensive to have multiple on hand if needed for multi-day events.

          • We only recommend using 970 size batteries.

          How long will the iPad last without the power pack being mounted?

          • This varies, 3-4 hours depending on usage. eg. Still capture vs. Video

          • 8-10+ Hours with one battery pack.

          What kind of LED controller is used and does it work with all photobooth apps?

          • We use the universal SP110E controller which has been tested with Snappic and works great! If your photobooth software lists this controller then it will work. If your software does not support this you can control the lighting with a phone app.

          Do I have to use an iPad Pro 11?

          • Designed to fit specifically the iPad Pro 11 but will accept a 10.9

          Does it have to stay mounted to the monopod to use it?

          • It was designed intentionally to be used mounted to a monopod, NOT handheld.....but no, it CAN be removed from it's quick release mount in seconds if you want to use it without the monopod for a short period of time....or if you simply want to get in a quick bicep 💪 workout 😁

          How much does it weigh?

          • The entire system including the monopod, Canon R100, NP-F970 battery and 100w battery pack mounted is 10lbs 14oz

          • The roamer unit alone, no 100w battery pack not mounted to the monopod, 5lbs 13oz

          Is it hard or cumbersome to roam with the monopod?

          • Not At All! It's actually easier and more convenient in our opinion.....And obviously wayyyyy less stress on the arms!

          • There are also benefits to using a monopod, a few being able to easily balance or level the unit, and seeing the back of the camera when taking bigger groups.

          • If you're used to a handheld roamer, you will quickly love using a monopod.

          Does it come in different colors other than white?

          • No, it's built from nice white translucent plastic so the LED light make it glow. You could make it almost any color you want if you change the LEDs to one solid color ;)

          Is a free standing tower available for it?

          • NOT YET - One will be released this year.

          Do you have a hard case for it?

          Not yet, but a TSA approved rolling hard case with custom cut foam will be available soon!

          What is your return policy?

          • We will spend as much time as it takes communicating PRIOR to your purchase to ensure all your questions are answered and we know this system will work for you.

          • There are NO returns once your order has shipped!

          What's your warranty policy?

          • I've been in business almost 20 years and customer satisfaction and support is my #1 priority!

          • If you have any trouble with your roamer in the first 12 months from purchase simply contact us so I can take care of it.